Botox got rid of my RBF!

Botox got rid of my RBF!

I have been injecting Botox for over a decade.  What makes these injections so much fun are comments from patients that lead to uncontrollable bursts of laughter.  These are the days I love my job the most. Recently, my Thirty-three year old patient, who is an Intensive Care Nurse, returned for her second Botox treatment.  When I asked if she was pleased with her results, she immediately exclaimed “Botox got rid of my RBF!  I loved it!”  She went on to tell me how her husband now makes comments to her every morning about what a good mood she is in.  “It’s interesting that he says that, I am always in a good mood but he thought I was unhappy.   So glad my RBF is gone!”

I finally caught my breath after more laughter and she went on to tell me that she enjoys talking to people but they never seemed interested in talking to her.  Now she talks to people everywhere, including the grocery store and the gas station.  She said her patients open up to her more and their families are kinder and more appreciative at the hospital.   

People seek cosmetic intervention not solely for vanity as most outsiders may assume.  My patients always tell me they want their outside appearance to match their inside feelings.  What they mean is that they are internally happy and energetic but their wrinkles, downturned mouth, or hollowed cheeks, make them look sad, tired or worst of all- angry!  They want to look as good as they feel.  They want to be approachable and engage with others.  After all, as human beings, this social interaction is the one of things we desire most.  So, the next time you judge someone for getting Botox, keep in mind, they may not be vain, they have the procedure done for an entirely different reason.  

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