Women Need to be Better Caretakers – Of Themselves

Women Need to be Better Caretakers – Of Themselves

Women everywhere suffer from the idea that they should deplete themselves of energy, creativity and their individuality just because they are someone’s mother, wife or daughter. This has been ingrained in our minds as the expectation. We become the martyr and the eternal caretakers. It doesn’t surprise me as the younger generation of women see this, they decide they do not want this from life and many just decide they don’t want children. On a regular basis I hear that women are exhausted. They work full time, take care of the house, kids, and drive all over creation to sporting events. However, many of these women even earn more than their spouses. Yet somehow, their husbands seem to have time for leisurely activities- sports outings, fishing, golf, etc. Women on the other hand, feel emotionally and physically depleted, making time to enjoy leisurely activities rare.   

In our parents generation, the situation was very different. Most families had one working member and usually the woman did not work. These days women have a significant financial role in the family and in the workplace. I wonder why the household duties are not more equally divided in most homes.    

It seems most men been raised to believe a woman should do all the other chores involved in running a household.  A man should know how to cook a meal and throw in a load of laundry and even clean the house. As mothers, It is our responsibility to train our sons how to do these required tasks just in case they marry a woman with a career. They certainly shouldn’t expect to sit around and get taken care of. At a young age, my sons started doing laundry, helping with dishes and making their own lunches.  These chores have taught them responsibility and helped them become independent.  

A family is an entity where all involved members should contribute the goals of the family and the happiness of each member. Children shouldn’t be raised to believe that their happiness is more important than the rest of the family members’. I love my sons just as much as the mother who washes their clothes, makes their lunches and takes care of their every need.  But, I feel it is my responsibility to raise independent children who know how to contribute to society and their families.  They will be better husbands and be more aware of the needs of the family, not just their own.  

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