Parkbench Interview with Dr. DePasquale

Meet Dr. Kalpana S. DePasquale, DO at Avanti Medical Spa

Are you looking to combat the aging process of Mother Nature? If so, then you are at the right place. Avanti Medical Spa can help you reverse the hands of time and enhance your natural beauty. To revitalize your appearance, we offer the following cosmetic procedures:
Facials & Peels
Dermal Fillers
Visia Skin Analysis
Facial Waxing
To learn more about our spa services, contact us at 904.461.6797, or better yet come see us:
In St. Augustine, Monday thru Friday between 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (NOTE: Office is closed for lunch from 12 PM – 1:15 PM). Avanti Medical Spa St. Augustine is located on Anastasia Island, 1.5 miles east of Flagler Hospital at 1301 Plantation Island Dr, Suite 401A, St. Augustine, FL.

What do you love most about the neighborhood?

There are so many different people constantly moving into this area so I feel like we’re in a small, big town. I meet people from Europe, people who are on vacation who come to me with a specific problem sometimes, or people who’ve recently moved from the North or West Coast. I just love the melting pot of all kinds of people from diverse backgrounds–I think that’s my favorite thing!

Six Makeup Tips to Improve Your Skin Health

Most makeup fanatics love spending time at the MAC counter, and they love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube to create the best cat eyes, ombre lips, and perfecting contouring techniques.  However, makeup fanatics don’t usually like to spend as much time on the less exciting chores of makeup removal.
Here are some six of the most common questions I get asked and some of my personal tips:
Should I always remove my makeup? 
I can’t even believe that I get asked this question, but yes makeup should always be removed. It should be removed before bed, before the gym and even before cleansing.
What type of makeup remover should I use?
Most makeup removers consist of alcohol or oil.  Alcohol can over dry skin and oil can clog pores, which exacerbate breakouts for acne prone skin. If you opt for a makeup wipe, choose one that does not contain alcohol and is biodegradable. I use Micellar water since it does not contain alcohol, oil, or fragrance. It will remove makeup (except waterproof makeup) and prep your skin to be cleansed.
How should I remove makeup?  
Saturate a cotton face pad and wipe away your makeup.  For eye makeup let the product soak on your eye lid for a few seconds first and then wipe.  Do not harshly scrub your skin, especially in the delicate eye area.
What kind of cleanser should I use?  
Although a Sulfate-free cleanser will not excessively foam, it is better for your skin since as it won’t remove the skin’s natural moisture barrier. I personally like to cleanse my face with my Clarisonic device and Clearly Luminous Cleanser.   
Do I need to clean my makeup brushes?  
Absolutely! Makeup brushes harbor bacteria and could be the cause of your breakouts. Brushes should be cleaned weekly with a brush cleaner and Micellar water. I partially submerge my brushes in a cup with a mixture of dish soap and a few drops of alcohol to serve as a disinfectant. I soak for five minutes and leave them on a paper towel to dry overnight.
Can I keep my makeup forever?
Makeup, like most everything else, has an expiration date. Check the expiration date on your cosmetics and discard when it’s time. I check my makeup every six months to ensure that I am not putting applying expired product on my face.
Follow these tips to help maintain radiant, blemish-free skin. 
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Reviving Aging Skin: Focusing on The Outside

Previously, we talked about fighting aging from the inside.  But once you have followed the hydration and nutritional tips, what else can you do to keep your skin looking youthful and flawless?

  1. Microdermabrasions are a great way to resurface the skin using crystals or a diamond tip.  Microdermabrasions can improve the texture and the skin tone. I recommend using Clearly Luminous Cleanser as part of your home regimen to keep your skin exfoliated and blemish-free.
  2. Facials are effective in smoothing and brightening skin. During a HydraFacial procedure, serums and peels can be part of the signature treatment tailored for your specific skincare needs.  
  3. Brown spots, also called sun or age spots, are a tell-tale sign of age. To help fade them, use Age Spot Remedy, an alternative to Hydroquinone, a chemical with some harmful side effects, for lightening the appearance of age spots. This product cant be used but  one to two times daily.
  4. Sun exposure is a huge factor in aging. Make sure you use an SPF 30-50 and reapply every two to three hours. If you are in the sun during the hottest part of the day, make sure you are wearing a wide-brimmed hat to further block harmful ultraviolet rays.
  5. When more conservative approaches fail, a Fraxel laser treatment can be considered to greatly diminish wrinkles and brown spots in an office procedure with little minimal to no downtime. The settings of the laser can be customized based on your skin coloring and the desired effect.  The physician is capable of providing a more aggressive treatment or a lighter treatment based on the desires of the patient.

Turning back the clock used to require aggressive surgery.  Luckily, we have many noninvasive options for facial rejuvenation that don’t require going under the knife.

The Makeup Crutch

I love makeup as much as the next girl – the new bold matte lipsticks, cat eyes, and long lush lashes. But I don’t feel like I need a full face of makeup to be seen by the world.
I am comfortable in my skin because I take care of it. At my age, I am proud to note makeup is a choice, not a necessity. My usual routine is minimal, and I can be ready to go in about five minutes.
Most women I know wouldn’t be seen without makeup. They won’t run to the grocery store or even out to the mailbox without it.
My teenage sons report they don’t recognize girls at school without makeup on because they look so different. My single male friends worry that their dates would be unrecognizable without their full face of makeup.
How did women get this way? Makeup should enhance us, not change us or hide us.
If your makeup routine leaves you concealing and contouring too much, it may be time to invest in taking care of your skin. Instead of covering texture irregularities, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, use good skin care to improve these imperfections so that your natural beauty can shine through.
There are a lot of women out there that state they are proud of their dark spots, wrinkles, and poor skin quality. They state it is their “Badge of Honor,” that the “lines tell their story” – a tale of a life well lived. I completely understand this opinion, but if they are being true to themselves, they wouldn’t wear makeup to cover any of those imperfections.
If these women want to show their poor skin off as a “Badge of Honor,” why do they spend hours covering it with makeup?
If you’re ready to transform your skin and restore its natural luster and beauty, check out my Clearly Luminous Kit.

My Top Secret for Looking Young


How much makeup do you wear on a daily basis? This video briefly discusses how much is a good amount to keep your skin looking great.

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Three Questions I Wish Patients Would Ask

Every time I step into a room with a patient, they will tell me what bothers them the most about their appearance. And, they immediately want to know how to fix it. Although I understand this completely, I find myself wishing they would ask me about so many other things. I like to take a thorough approach in my medical and aesthetic practices and I enjoy discussing prevention just as much as I enjoy giving people cures.
Here are the top three questions I wish my patients would ask . . .
What can I do to take better care of my skin?
Almost every patient I see in my medical spa is focused on Botox, fillers, and laser treatments. For some reason, they continue to use products on their skin that are ineffective in correcting skin tone and texture irregularities that occur with age. These patients may be worsening the appearance of their skin with harsh ingredients. Plus, their skin care methods may be the equivalent of washing delicate lingerie in Ajax. Not the best idea.
If I seek cosmetic interventions before the problem gets much worse, will I have a better outcome?
The answer to this question is a resounding YES! If you have small wrinkles, they can be erased much easier than large creases in your face. Volume loss is easier to correct before the skin starts to lose too much elasticity and before the skin folds over itself. You get the point – early intervention is key.
Does my health and nutrition impact my appearance?
In a medical spa environment, people tend to open up. They discuss their lifestyles and tell me they are too busy with life to eat right and exercise. Many of them take better care of their cars and pets than they do with their own bodies. I had one patient tell me she put the best gasoline in her high-end luxury car and bought the best gourmet cat food for her cat. However, she ate at McDonald’s at least once a day. To care for your pet or automobile than your own health is shocking to me.
What are you afraid to ask your doctor about your health? Leave your questions in the comments, and I’ll answer you openly and honestly!

Women, You Can (And Should) Strive to be More Confident

Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own unique abilities and qualities. Confidence will motivate women to create a plan in moving towards their goals while giving them the ability to stay on course. Many of today’s women lack confidence for a variety of reasons.

Are you in the wrong relationships?

Women must carefully analyze the relationships they are in. For example, if you are not valued in a relationship, whether it is romantic or a friendship, it may cause you to lack confidence. Verbal and emotional abuse may cause women to have self-doubt which can result in a lack of confidence. Women should focus on emotionally stable relationships where both parties can gain a positive outcome from the union.

Sometimes you have to put yourself first

Women tend to focus on everyone else’s needs without much consideration of their own. Here’s a tip… by taking time to do something for yourself each day, you can improve your self-confidence.
Society today places great value on physical appearance and fitness. Women who take care of their looks and physique feel more confident in themselves. They stand taller and maintain better posture.
When women feel good about themselves, they are less likely to settle for a less than adequate spouse, friend or job. They feel worthy of all the best things that life has to offer.
A suggestion is to spend a few minutes in front of the mirror each day and find something you like about yourself. This does wonders in improving your self confidence. If there is something that you do not like about yourself, seek a way to improve it. There are many high-quality, natural and chemical-free skin care and cosmetic products available along with minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedures to enhance your appearance. Be sure to indulge yourself.

Become the best version of yourself

Confident women do what they believe is right – even when others may mock or criticize the efforts. More and more women are willing to take risks to achieve better things for themselves and they are seldom happy with the status quo.
Sure, mistakes may be made, but mistakes should be used as tools to learn from and for improvement. Confident women accept consequences for their actions and do not blame others for their shortcomings. They apologize for mistakes when necessary and keep moving forward.
With a positive attitude and the ability to recognize and appreciate your inner and outer beauty, confidence is a goal that women can easily work toward and attain.
What are your biggest struggles when it comes to confidence? 

Three Ways Your Skin is Giving Away Your Age

Every day, I have patients visit my medical spa for Botox to erase wrinkles. They believe that only the wrinkles are causing them to look older. What they do not realize is that by erasing a wrinkle or two in lieu of addressing bigger problems – like the overall health of your skin – will still leave you looking older.
Too much makeup
First and foremost, youthful skin has a radiant glow that does not need to be slathered with makeup. The more makeup you use to hide your skin flaws, the older you look.
The good news is that the radiance can return with proper exfoliation and hydration.
Years of sun damage
Leathery/rough texture, a side effect of too much sun exposure, will also give away your age. In addition to the face, this can also appear on the neck, décolleté, and hands making it much harder to hide your age.
Those awful little spots
Last but not least, age spots (hyper-pigmentation) as the name suggests, is a sure way to show everyone how much you are aging. They are difficult to cover as they can appear all over your body, not just your face.
With proper exfoliation, skin care, and sun protection, you can prevent and improve the texture of your skin. Once you take care of your skin, erasing wrinkles with Botox will make a much bigger difference not only to your overall appearance but in your wallet.
Are you looking for skin care products that will improve the tone and texture of your skin and are free of chemicals? Check out my botanical line of skin care products, Avanti Rx.

Why You Need a Magnifying Mirror

In my practice, clients often inform me that wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin have magically appeared on their face, neck, décolleté and hands during the past six months.  I am continually shocked by this statement, since these issues take years to develop in order to get to the magnitude where people become alarmed by their appearance.
Aging begins in the mid 30’s and these changes can gradually develop over decades of neglect.  Subtle, yet ongoing changes are difficult for most people to recognize, and therefore they only notice the changes once they have become obvious.
In our 40s, our eyesight starts to decline and it continues as we get older.  In the blurred reflection, we tend not to see the negative changes that have occurred with age.  This is how most people fool themselves into believing they look great for their age.  Poor eyesight and poor makeup application can make you look like a caricature of yourself.  That’s where magnification becomes a handy tool!
I purchased my first magnifying mirror at the age of 35, so that I could examine my eyebrows more closely.  Not only was I able to see my eyebrows better, I quickly started to notice texture irregularities in my skin and large pores and even some dark spots.  I was able to spot signs of aging immediately as they appeared and I was able to correct these issues quickly.
I started to improve my appearance early on and I never had the opportunity to fool myself.  After all, the mirror may lie but the magnifying mirror always states the harsh truth.
Do you own a magnifying mirror? Grab one and leave us a comment about what you see. We’ll check back frequently and leave you advice for improving those areas and guarding against other problems in the future.