Confessions in a Medical Spa

Confessions in a Medical Spa

The number of clients I see in my medical spa increases rapidly from September to December.  Everyone wants to look great for their holiday parties and look amazing when they spend time with family members, ex- husbands and ex-wives.


Women Confess “Biggest Secret”

I often hear quite a bit about the lives of my clients and their incentives for keeping up their appearances. Recently, I have had several women confess some of their biggest secrets. “I need to look as good as I can because my husband is over twenty years younger than me!”


This was a confession that I don’t hear often. So needless to say, it caught my attention. “Isn’t that stressful?” I asked. “Not at all!” my client replied, “I just need to keep up on my preventative maintenance.”  What was most interesting to me was that my client felt she needed to confess her marriage to a younger man. She wasn’t necessarily ashamed by it, but she felt she needed to confess to avoid being judged.


Double Standard Alive and Well

In contrast, my male clients boast about being married to a younger woman. Perhaps society is more accepting of this phenomenon. After all, it is much more common, but it reflects a common double standard in our society.


Men tell me that they are attracted to younger women because they are more attractive (aka haven’t let themselves go like women in their age group), and they participate in similar activities. They feel younger women are more compatible with them from an energy and vibrancy standpoint.


This doesn’t just apply to women, as I have certainly seen my fair share of men who have completely given up on themselves and on life. So the question is, when will the double standard become extinct? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, isn’t it? And who are we to judge what makes others happy?  


Live Your Life

I personally appreciate how honest my clients have been with me over the years, as it has expanded my perspective and changed the way I viewed things in the past.  My personal opinion is that people should be able to live their lives fully in the way they see fit.  The judgment of others is inconsequential.  But I guess I will only know how I really feel if my son brings home a woman twice his age.  


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