Don’t Commit These 5 Social Media Faux Pas

Don’t Commit These 5 Social Media Faux Pas

Everyone has their own approach to social media.  Some people become friends with everyone they meet, and others, like me, are more careful with whom they invite into their social media circle. That being said, every so often, in the same way that I evaluate my closet for unstylish clothes, I evaluate my social media contacts. During this time, I make note of recurrent offenses that may lead to an un-friending scenario.


Here are the top five offenses that may eliminate you from a social media circle:


  1. Only posting about your kids to show that you are the luckiest parent in the world. Your social media friends would like to see some posts about you so that we know you are living a life of your own, not a life through your children.
  2. You are so in love with your spouse or significant other that you post your love on social media daily.  If you are truly in love, does the whole world really need to know?
  3. Boasting about material possessions. This may not be as offensive if your entire social media network is in the same socioeconomic status, but more than likely, they are not.  Is it really polite to make others feel bad about their life circumstances?
  4. Posting comments that are derogatory to men or women regularly because you had a bad relationship or two. One bad relationship doesn’t make the entire gender malicious.
  5. Daily religious posts. Be mindful that everyone has a right to their own religious beliefs, and everyone may not share the same faith as you.  It may be more respectful to others to minimize these posts unless all your friends share the same religion.


Social media has many positive attributes.  It is a great way for people to reconnect and stay in touch. However, we should be mindful in maintaining a certain respect for others in our posts.  

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