How to Start Enjoying Running

How to Start Enjoying Running

A recent article in Glamour about running caught my eye. I constantly hear people tell me they hate to run, but wish they enjoyed it.  Before you throw on your shoes and hit the road, make sure you’ve set yourself up for success. 

Glamour lists these as the main points in enjoying running:

  1. Wear the right shoes
  2. Ease into it
  3. Run on gravel, dirt or a treadmill
  4. Think about running light and tall
  5. Cross train
  6. Commit to finishing at least one mile

These are great tips. However, there are three more that would have made it to the top of my list. The following may help you to start running and enjoying the sport or hobby . . .

  1. Wear the right shoes AND CLOTHES.  The development of Dri-FIT fabric has done wonders for my running. Now, I can remain comfortable.
  2. Cold or warm weather?  My favorite temperature to run is 55 degrees.  I am not a fan of the heat or humidity and, therefore, I do not run in the summer.  It is best to pick the time of year you most enjoy to make running more pleasurable.
  3. Run/walk.  There is no shame in taking walk breaks since they allow you rest, assess any injuries, and minimize stress to your joints.  Rather than committing to a full mile of running (which may be discouraging), beginners should start by alternating walking and running instead of attempting to run the full mile. You will gradually be able to run a full mile once you get acclimated.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to lace up those sneakers and give running a try!

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  1. Philip Castillo says:

    Good info.on starting to run.

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