My Kids Deserve The Very Best

My Kids Deserve The Very Best

This generation of parents is very different from those I remember when I was growing up.  A generation ago, parents were not a child’s friend.  Children showed respect for their elders.  If a child disagreed with his/her parents, they did so quietly and there was no negotiation.  Arguing would only lead to more unfavorable consequences.  However, these days, parents focus more on befriending their children than being an authority figure and leading by example.


Today’s parents have quite a different mindset.  “Money is no object when it comes to my children” or “You deserve the very best” – in other words, my children will have the best of everything whether we can afford it or not.  A generation, ago parents would clearly state, “I am sorry but we simply cannot afford that”.  When a child hears this, they learn that they cannot be self-centered.  They are forced to understand the reality that money is not limitless and that they are not the only person in the family.  


When I was younger and needed money, I got jobs mopping floors and serving ice cream.  It was the only job I could get at the age of fourteen that was close enough that my parents to drive me.  Both of my parents worked and there was never a parent available full time, ready to cater to my every need.  Interestingly enough, I was not the only person in this situation.  Even my friends had this “issue” and were working for their money.  My children’s friends get fifty dollars a week as spending money from their parents.  I find this rather astonishing.  It makes me question – What are we teaching our children if we give them the latest iPhones, gaming consoles, and cars?   It teaches them entitlement rather than the discipline to work hard in order to acquire the things they want.  Instead of telling children that they “deserve the very best”, teach them that they deserve only what they can earn for themselves, by forcing them to work for and save for the things they want.

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One comment on “My Kids Deserve The Very Best
  1. Barbara says:

    Your blog is great, Dr. D! (Nicole Val told me to check it out.) I am a big fan of you, and I agree with the sentiments you wrote about in this blog post on so many levels.

    You bring joy and comfort to the people who are lucky enough to be around you and soak in your energy. Keep on being you, doc. (And yes, after next week, I am hoping to be able to put that statue up on my lawn–complete with the snazzy shoes 😀 !)

    Oh, and one last thing…I work in IT and still have an iPhone 4 (hahahaha)!

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