Love Your Shoes!

Love Your Shoes!

It may seem trivial and superficial, but women typically bond over shoes, while men bond over cars. Women will usually go out of their way to compliment another woman’s shoes. I have to admit it is a great feeling when a stranger compliments your shoes.  


Now, you may think because I am a doctor that I have a closet full of Prada, Gucci, and Louboutins; however, that is not the case.  Of course, these shoes are beautiful, but I refuse to pay over a $1000 to be uncomfortable, despite their beauty.  I like shoes that are unique (most of the high-end brands have shoes that look too similar for my taste) and comfortable.


While on a trip to San Francisco, I stumbled upon a brand that was unique and comfortable – a dream come true! John Fluevog is a Canadian shoe designer noted for his progressive art deco styles with messages engraved on each sole. I was concerned that the styles might be too edgy, and not professional enough for my Saint Augustine clientele, but I bought them anyway.


These shoes really reflected my style perfectly. Almost every female patient would exclaim “I love your shoes!” as soon as I walked in the door. The shoes seem to be an immediate ice breaker with any patient, new or established. They immediately felt less anxious about seeing me, the doctor, because we talked about shoes for a few minutes before we began the medical portion of the visit.


One patient declared that if the surgery fixed the problem that she has had for 30 years, she would put a “statue of me outside of her house….with those shoes on!” Contrary to what you may think, I have had my fair share of conversations with men that start off the same way.  


I learned a valuable lesson from the internal conflict I faced when buying those shoes in San Francisco.  If you remain true to yourself, your style, and your personality, you can never go wrong.

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