Luck Only Lasts So Long

Luck Only Lasts So Long

Most women start to really see signs of aging in their late 30’s or early 40’s.  The usual stuff…crows feet, forehead wrinkles and loss of skin luster.  There are a few women who just don’t seem to age (we know who they are and we hate them.  Secretly, of course!).  These women don’t seem to engage in the preventative maintenance that the rest of us do.  We assume that they have really great genes and that they are really lucky.  They eat whatever they want and never gain weight.  They look great in everything, even a T-shirt.  

I have come across a few women like this in my social circles and during patient encounters.  These women are truly lucky and they glide through the aging process effortlessly while the rest of us struggle. The good news is that these women are a rare breed and you may only meet a few in your lifetime.  If you know more than a few, it is likely that they are having procedures done that they don’t want to talk about. They want people to believe that they are aging gracefully, but in actuality they are getting help from their favorite doctor to keep up the sham.

As for the handful of women we meet in our lifetime that do not have procedures done to maintain themselves, luck only lasts so long.  I have seen some of these women start to appear significantly older after 50.  A smaller number will start after 60.  The signs of aging that were once subtle and easy to hide with makeup, become much more difficult to camouflage.  Loose skin gets looser, wrinkles turn into creases, and all of a sudden they look the mirror and are shocked by the image they see.  Going out without a full face of makeup is no longer an option.

In my opinion, the women who start to show signs of aging in the 40’s are the lucky ones.  At least we can see signs approaching slowly and we have time to address the issues.  Those poor lucky women have been led to believe that they will be lucky forever, until of course, their luck runs out.

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