Seven Ways to Stay Trim on Vacation

Seven Ways to Stay Trim on Vacation

I love going on vacation, but I always hate the thought of going on a diet once I return. A diet makes me feel as if I have to be punished because I enjoyed myself on vacation.  Luckily, with a few minor vacation modifications, I have learned how to keep my weight stable on vacation, therefore, avoiding the diet once I return home.

  1. Get some exercise.  I like to plan exercise for several of the days I am on vacation.  I plan an activity that I don’t see as a chore, such as a run or a hike with great scenery.  I see it as an opportunity to explore the area in a different way. I never plan on going to a gym since that feels like a chore to me.  On the other hand, you may enjoy the feel of a nice gym.
  2. Meal splitting.  Restaurant meals are often large enough for two or three people. I tend to split a meal or plan on taking half home with me if there is a refrigerator in my room. If I need more food, I order an extra side of vegetables.  Additionally, I avoid white carbohydrates and heavy meals.
  3. Avoid high calorie dressings and sauces.  I do not order dishes with heavy sauces or heavy sides.  When ordering a salad, the dressing is always a light balsamic vinaigrette, and I always get it on the side.
  4. Avoid high calorie drinks or limit them.  I never drink soda, and I limit the amount of alcoholic beverages I consume. These drinks are high in calories and sugar, and the alcohol creates a tendency to overeat.  Everything is a balance – if I have an extra glass of wine, I eat less or exercise more.  
  5. Minimize desserts.  Desserts are so tempting on vacation.  I tend to splurge the first day or two, but then I get back on track and avoid it for the rest of the trip.  Desserts often have 500 or more calories per serving with no nutritional purpose.  
  6. Drink plenty of water. Water allows you to feel full, therefore reducing hunger cravings.  I drink a glass of water or two before each meal so I don’t overeat.
  7. Do not pack loose fitting clothes.  I wear appropriate fitting clothes so I don’t have the option of gaining weight.  If something feels tight, I know that I need to stop eating.

With these vacation tips, hopefully, you can enjoy great trips without the unwanted weight gain.  Once you return, you can concentrate on reconnecting with your friends and family to share your experience, instead of focusing your energy on a diet.  

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