We know how important it is to you that you only purchase products that are great for your body and skin and that they come from companies that are responsible when it comes to being cruelty-free and respectful to the environment.

That’s why Dr. D only creates and backs products that are cruelty-free and provide positive results that keep you looking and feeling healthy and happy.

Dr. D’s signature skincare line, KalVera Skincare (formerly Avanti Rx), features products that are 100% plant and mineral based and deliver medical-grade results without the harsh chemicals. All products are cruelty-free with the exception of one product, and also vegan.

Dr. D only recommends products she  uses herself, and you can bet she does her research! From weight management supplements to hair care products, Ariix meets Dr. D’s high standards for safe ingredients, cruelty-free testing and corporate responsibility.

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