Stay at Home or go to Work?

Stay at Home or go to Work?

The age old debate continues.  To work or not to work?

Mothers decide to work or stay at home for many different reasons.  Staying at home may just be more economical, and less stressful for them and the family. Moms can spend quality time with their children and not miss the milestones of life.  Most importantly, if you so choose, you can always go back to work when the children are older.

However, working women may choose to work because they enjoy adult interaction and having their own identity in addition to being “Mom.”  These women can earn a paycheck and positively contribute to the family’s finances.  Additionally, they hope to raise independent children and set a positive example as a role model.

Society and other mothers are quick to judge women in either category.  It is assumed that working mothers don’t pay enough attention to their children and that stay-at-home moms are not very interesting.  

In my own personal experience, my sister and I both completed medical school and are each mothers of two boys.  My sister decided to work one day a week, and I decided to start my own medical practice and medical spa.  

Two very different life choices that created a significant conflict in our relationship.  Both of us believed we made the right choice…and ultimately we both did.  

For me, working gives me a sense of accomplishment that I desire and a need to feel fulfilled.  I have worked hard to balance my career and family and I have raised healthy-minded, independent children. 

The bottom line – the decision to stay at home or work is an entirely personal choice that you have to make for yourself based on your personality and goals.  It is not anyone’s place to judge what is right for you or your family.

If you’re a mom, have you decided to stay at home or go back to work? What are your reasons? Do you feel judged for them?

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  1. Chacidy says:

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