Six Makeup Tips to Improve Your Skin Health

Most makeup fanatics love spending time at the MAC counter, and they love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube to create the best cat eyes, ombre lips, and perfecting contouring techniques.  However, makeup fanatics don’t usually like to spend as much time on the less exciting chores of makeup removal.
Here are some six of the most common questions I get asked and some of my personal tips:
Should I always remove my makeup? 
I can’t even believe that I get asked this question, but yes makeup should always be removed. It should be removed before bed, before the gym and even before cleansing.
What type of makeup remover should I use?
Most makeup removers consist of alcohol or oil.  Alcohol can over dry skin and oil can clog pores, which exacerbate breakouts for acne prone skin. If you opt for a makeup wipe, choose one that does not contain alcohol and is biodegradable. I use Micellar water since it does not contain alcohol, oil, or fragrance. It will remove makeup (except waterproof makeup) and prep your skin to be cleansed.
How should I remove makeup?  
Saturate a cotton face pad and wipe away your makeup.  For eye makeup let the product soak on your eye lid for a few seconds first and then wipe.  Do not harshly scrub your skin, especially in the delicate eye area.
What kind of cleanser should I use?  
Although a Sulfate-free cleanser will not excessively foam, it is better for your skin since as it won’t remove the skin’s natural moisture barrier. I personally like to cleanse my face with my Clarisonic device and Clearly Luminous Cleanser.   
Do I need to clean my makeup brushes?  
Absolutely! Makeup brushes harbor bacteria and could be the cause of your breakouts. Brushes should be cleaned weekly with a brush cleaner and Micellar water. I partially submerge my brushes in a cup with a mixture of dish soap and a few drops of alcohol to serve as a disinfectant. I soak for five minutes and leave them on a paper towel to dry overnight.
Can I keep my makeup forever?
Makeup, like most everything else, has an expiration date. Check the expiration date on your cosmetics and discard when it’s time. I check my makeup every six months to ensure that I am not putting applying expired product on my face.
Follow these tips to help maintain radiant, blemish-free skin. 
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Being Healthy Isn't About Being Lucky

“You are so lucky!”
For some reason, when people tell me I am so lucky to be thin or have nice skin, I tend to cringe. I do realize that it is meant to be a compliment, but this statement offends me since I work hard at keeping myself fit and take good care of my skin.
To some, that may sound shallow and vain, however I see it differently. For me it is about taking care of my body and keeping it healthy for as long as possible. The average life expectancy in the U.S. is 79 years for women, and I plan on staying as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, so I can stay alive and active for a long time!

It starts with your body

I encourage keeping one’s diet as healthy as possible. Our foods are over-processed and filled with chemicals. I avoid processed food, soda, and fattening condiments as much as possible. The cleaner I keep my diet, the cleaner I keep my organs. I have noticed the better I eat, the better feel. It gives me more focus and better clarity.
Regular exercise keeps fresh air in my lungs and keeps my joints moving. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, then you know one of my favorite ways to stay in shape is by running.

Don’t forget your skin

Given that I’m the creator of a plant-based skin care line, you might not be surprised to learn that I’ve also always placed an emphasis on protecting my skin.
For example, in high school, many of my friends would sleep with their makeup on. I would painstakingly remove all of my makeup before bedtime. I would also wear a hat and sunscreen while in the sun and my friends surely thought I was crazy. I didn’t care what they thought and continued to shield my face from the sun.
Ironically, I was shielding my face from the sun so I wouldn’t get too much darker. Being of Indian origin, I turn 10 shades darker with 10 minutes of sun exposure.
Luckily, this worked in my favor. All those years of shading myself from the sun, I avoided the UV rays that cause photo aging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, among other skin problems including cancer.
I would only consider myself lucky if I stayed trim and healthy by eating cheeseburgers and fries or if I bathed in the sun daily without getting wrinkles. For me, these things are part of a commitment to myself that I honor on a daily basis.
What practices and precautions do you work into your daily or weekly routine to keep your body in good shape?