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How Does Air Pollution Affect Your Skin?

Air pollution

Most of us think of air pollution only being an issue for our respiratory health. But did you know that pollution in the air can affect your skin?   The worst pollutants for skin Air pollutants can include polycyclic aromatic

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Which Skin Care Products Are Right For You?

The mirror can be your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy. The mirror won’t lie. It reveals uneven skin tone and texture, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. It haunts you with the harsh reality of

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My Favorite Supplements for Skin Health

Although there may not be a direct correlation between skin conditions and internal body conditions, maximizing your body’s nutritional health can improve the elasticity and radiance of your skin. Glowing healthy skin tends to catch our eye. In contrast, weathered

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Cold Weather Skin Tips

Winter is upon us, at least for those of you who don’t live here in Florida. However, even for us Floridians, the cold weather depletes our skin of moisture causing dullness, dryness and even itching.   Luckily, this is an

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Two Things to Consider About Children’s Skincare

Discover my top 2 tips for taking care of  your kids' skin in this vlog.
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How to Care for Your Skin in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and Beyond

As you move through each decade, your skin care routine should change to combat the signs of aging. Check out Dr. D’s latest appearance on WJXT to learn what you should be doing in each decade to keep your skin

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Being Healthy Isn’t About Being Lucky

“You are so lucky!” For some reason, when people tell me I am so lucky to be thin or have nice skin, I tend to cringe. I do realize that it is meant to be a compliment, but this statement offends

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Three Questions I Wish Patients Would Ask

Every time I step into a room with a patient, they will tell me what bothers them the most about their appearance. And, they immediately want to know how to fix it. Although I understand this completely, I find myself wishing they

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Three Ways Your Skin is Giving Away Your Age

Every day, I have patients visit my medical spa for Botox to erase wrinkles. They believe that only the wrinkles are causing them to look older. What they do not realize is that by erasing a wrinkle or two in

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Men’s skin care and grooming tips event held at Avanti Medical Spa in St. Augustine

  St. Augustine, Fla. – February 13, 2014 – Dr. Kalpana DePasquale, DO and founder of St. Augustine Ear, Nose & Throat and Avanti Medical Spa, recently hosted an informative, men’s skin care and grooming tips event with a “happy

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