Reviving Aging Skin: Focusing on The Outside

Previously, we talked about fighting aging from the inside.  But once you have followed the hydration and nutritional tips, what else can you do to keep your skin looking youthful and flawless?

  1. Microdermabrasions are a great way to resurface the skin using crystals or a diamond tip.  Microdermabrasions can improve the texture and the skin tone. I recommend using Clearly Luminous Cleanser as part of your home regimen to keep your skin exfoliated and blemish-free.
  2. Facials are effective in smoothing and brightening skin. During a HydraFacial procedure, serums and peels can be part of the signature treatment tailored for your specific skincare needs.  
  3. Brown spots, also called sun or age spots, are a tell-tale sign of age. To help fade them, use Age Spot Remedy, an alternative to Hydroquinone, a chemical with some harmful side effects, for lightening the appearance of age spots. This product cant be used but  one to two times daily.
  4. Sun exposure is a huge factor in aging. Make sure you use an SPF 30-50 and reapply every two to three hours. If you are in the sun during the hottest part of the day, make sure you are wearing a wide-brimmed hat to further block harmful ultraviolet rays.
  5. When more conservative approaches fail, a Fraxel laser treatment can be considered to greatly diminish wrinkles and brown spots in an office procedure with little minimal to no downtime. The settings of the laser can be customized based on your skin coloring and the desired effect.  The physician is capable of providing a more aggressive treatment or a lighter treatment based on the desires of the patient.

Turning back the clock used to require aggressive surgery.  Luckily, we have many noninvasive options for facial rejuvenation that don’t require going under the knife.

Revive Aging Skin from the Inside Out

Aging is a fact of life, but beauty and well-being is a choice.  As we age, our hormone levels can shift resulting in decreased estrogen levels. The result on the skin is thinning, sagging, dryness, and wrinkling.
Here are some suggestions to keep your skin looking radiant and youthful during the aging process:

  1. Hydrate inside and out: The older you get, the thirstier your skin gets. The skin’s oil glands aren’t as active as they were in your younger years.  In order to keep your skin hydrated, drink  at least 2 to 3 liters of water per day.  
  2. Eat up: Nutrition plays a major role in the condition of your skin. Among the most beneficial food elements for aging skin are antioxidants, which can help combat the effects of the loss of skin-plumping collagen. Antioxidants are found primarily in brightly colored fruits and vegetables.  An antioxidant supplement should also be considered, such as Vinali, which contains grape seed extract, Vitamin C and Acerola Cherry to protect against free radical damage, or Beauty Boost, which contains Dermaval, a proprietary blend of extracts from nine superfoods.
  3. Stay active: Exercise tones more than your muscles. It boosts circulation of oxygen-rich blood needed to help your skin look brighter and healthier.
  4. Bust stress: Stress is a proven primary factor in aging. It can dry out your skin, making it more sensitive and prone to wrinkling. Regular exercise is a great stress-buster, as are meditation;, adequate sleep (aim for eight hours of uninterrupted sleep nightly), and – believe it or not – laughter. A great laugh boosts heart rate, stimulates blood circulation, and aids muscle reaction.http://

Reviving aging skin requires a multi-factorial approach and a commitment to health and well-being.  It is a commitment you won’t regret as the golden years approach.

The Makeup Crutch

I love makeup as much as the next girl – the new bold matte lipsticks, cat eyes, and long lush lashes. But I don’t feel like I need a full face of makeup to be seen by the world.
I am comfortable in my skin because I take care of it. At my age, I am proud to note makeup is a choice, not a necessity. My usual routine is minimal, and I can be ready to go in about five minutes.
Most women I know wouldn’t be seen without makeup. They won’t run to the grocery store or even out to the mailbox without it.
My teenage sons report they don’t recognize girls at school without makeup on because they look so different. My single male friends worry that their dates would be unrecognizable without their full face of makeup.
How did women get this way? Makeup should enhance us, not change us or hide us.
If your makeup routine leaves you concealing and contouring too much, it may be time to invest in taking care of your skin. Instead of covering texture irregularities, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, use good skin care to improve these imperfections so that your natural beauty can shine through.
There are a lot of women out there that state they are proud of their dark spots, wrinkles, and poor skin quality. They state it is their “Badge of Honor,” that the “lines tell their story” – a tale of a life well lived. I completely understand this opinion, but if they are being true to themselves, they wouldn’t wear makeup to cover any of those imperfections.
If these women want to show their poor skin off as a “Badge of Honor,” why do they spend hours covering it with makeup?
If you’re ready to transform your skin and restore its natural luster and beauty, check out my Clearly Luminous Kit.

Skin Health – Can Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Help?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dr. D joined WJXT to discuss Skin Health and how good vitamin and mineral supplements can really make a huge impact on your overall skin health.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Top 5 Wrinkle Busters

As we age, lines and wrinkles are inevitable. Fortunately, there are multiple easy ways to help improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles or to significantly delay their development.

  1. Moisturize: By far, the most important thing you can do to improve the look of your skin and help ward off wrinkles is to moisturize – morning and night. A high -quality moisturizer will help plump fine lines, smoothing your complexion and keeping your skin from drying out.
  2. Hydrate: Skin naturally contains water, which functions as a protective barrier. As we age, that natural moisture diminishes, leaving your skin looking dry and wrinkled. Drinking plenty of water can help keep your skin properly hydrated, plumped, and smooth. And using a moisturizer, as recommended above, creates a physical barrier to lock moisture in.
  3. Kick the Habit: Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are two major wrinkle-inducers. In fact, one recent study showed that facial wrinkles can appear in smokers as young as 20 years old. Nixing your smoking habit can help reduce the damage to an extent, but long -term smoking will cause deep wrinkles and a leathery look to your skin. Alcohol is known to dehydrate the skin. Add the salt in some drinks like beer or margaritas, and sugar in sweet drinks like mojitos, and the drying effects on your skin are multiplied.
  4. Shun the Sun: The single biggest threat to skin is exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This causes photo-aging, which is to blame for most wrinkles. Staying in the shade, wearing protective clothing, and, above all, wearing a high-SPF sun-blocking moisturizer will protect your skin from not only wrinkles, but also skin cancer.
  5. Get Your Beauty Rest: Inadequate sleep causes your body to release more of the stress hormone cortisol, which can break down skin collagen, the protein that helps keep your skin smooth and elastic. It also limits natural production of human growth hormone, which promotes growth, thickens skin, and increases muscle mass.

My Top Secret for Looking Young


How much makeup do you wear on a daily basis? This video briefly discusses how much is a good amount to keep your skin looking great.

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The Scars You See – And The Ones You Don't

Physical scars can be erased. Emotional scars need to be repaired.
I have a thyroidectomy scar on my neck which serves to remind me about my near death experience more than 12 years ago.  I remember the vivid details of that day, as if it had just happened.  
I was one day past a complete thyroidectomy to remove a papillary thyroid cancer which I found just a few months earlier.  The operation was difficult for the surgeon since there was some tumor on the nerve that innervates the vocal cords.  The surgeon was so relieved when my voice was unaffected after the meticulous surgery.  
After the surgery, I stayed in the hospital overnight to monitor my calcium levels.  In the morning, my levels were low, but not critical.  I convinced my doctor to discharge me while insisting that I could have my labs checked first thing in the morning.  
Upon awakening at home, I felt tingling in my arms and immediately ran to the bathroom to see if I had a positive Chvostek’s sign.  Chvostek’s sign is a clinical sign of nerve hyper excitability due to hypocalcemia. When tapping the side of the face, the muscles on the same side of the face will contract.  My husband rushed me to the hospital, but by that time my muscles were in a state of tetany (seizure-like contractions).  I received calcium gluconate in the hospital and immediately felt better.
Years later, that memory is still fresh in my mind. Every morning, when I look in the mirror, the scar serves as a constant reminder to me that life is short and to live it with no regrets.
However, for years the scar has also served as a symbol of fear.  Fear that the cancer would recur, or that something else would adversely affect my health.  
After twelve years of focusing on health and wellness, I am healthy and I no longer need a physical reminder of this experience, so I chose to have a Fraxel laser treatment to remove the scar.  
Two more treatments will completely erase the scar, but I will never forget the valuable lessons the experience taught me.
Have you had an experience that made you more cognizant of your own mortality? I’d love to hear about how your life has changed since.