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That Smell!

Breakfast on the griddle, jasmine in the garden, your lover’s favorite perfume – No doubt each of these conjure a particularly pleasing emotion. After all, our sense of smell, more than any of the other senses, is psychologically linked with

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5 Most Common Allergy Triggers

Statistics show that some 20 percent of people develop allergies of some sort. Allergic reactions develop when the immune system overreacts to an otherwise harmless antigen, resulting in a range of symptoms from sneezing to hives to life-threatening anaphylaxis. While

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The Obesity Epidemic

We are in a worldwide crisis, but it is a crisis that we choose to overlook.  No one wants to accept the responsibility because it is an ugly word.  Obesity is a word that brings about feelings of shame, diminished

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Should You Get the Flu Vaccine?

Every year, the influenza epidemic results in significant morbidity and mortality, as well as a significant economic cost to society. An estimated 200,000 excess hospitalizations and 36,000 deaths occur each year due to influenza and its complications. Influenza kills more

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Why guilt may not be such a bad thing…

If you're anything like me it can be tough to find time to exercise. Watch this video to learn my tips on getting yourself up and moving!
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Three Reasons to Run When Nothing is Chasing You

When I tell people that I love running, there are two reactions I encounter the most.  Some people are impressed and commend me for being able to such run long distances.   However, the grand majority of people will mock the

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