Three Ways Your Skin is Giving Away Your Age

Three Ways Your Skin is Giving Away Your Age

Every day, I have patients visit my medical spa for Botox to erase wrinkles. They believe that only the wrinkles are causing them to look older. What they do not realize is that by erasing a wrinkle or two in lieu of addressing bigger problems – like the overall health of your skin – will still leave you looking older.

Too much makeup

First and foremost, youthful skin has a radiant glow that does not need to be slathered with makeup. The more makeup you use to hide your skin flaws, the older you look.

The good news is that the radiance can return with proper exfoliation and hydration.

Years of sun damage

Leathery/rough texture, a side effect of too much sun exposure, will also give away your age. In addition to the face, this can also appear on the neck, décolleté, and hands making it much harder to hide your age.

Those awful little spots

Last but not least, age spots (hyper-pigmentation) as the name suggests, is a sure way to show everyone how much you are aging. They are difficult to cover as they can appear all over your body, not just your face.

With proper exfoliation, skin care, and sun protection, you can prevent and improve the texture of your skin. Once you take care of your skin, erasing wrinkles with Botox will make a much bigger difference not only to your overall appearance but in your wallet.

Are you looking for skin care products that will improve the tone and texture of your skin and are free of chemicals? Check out my botanical line of skin care products, Avanti Rx.

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One comment on “Three Ways Your Skin is Giving Away Your Age
  1. Jean W Ritenour says:

    Honestly, I ‘ve been using Paula’s Choice products since February of this year. I chose them because I read her book which seemed thorough and sensible, the price, and the products are not tested on animals. The brown spots have lightened and I believe the wrinkles are softer in appearance. However, I pretty much am seeing the same skin as before. I would love a consultation to see what I can do to improve my skin. My makeup routine is annoying, trying to cover spots that just won’t go away.
    I have had Juvederm injections which have since run their course, but I just don’t wish to return to the dermatologist who performed them. I bruised quite severely and did not feel prepared for that.

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