Time Hacks For People Who Are Busy Getting Nothing Done

Time Hacks For People Who Are Busy Getting Nothing Done

Time is the universal equalizer. We are all given 24 hours in one day and how we use it is what differentiates us. We all know people who are “super busy” and complain that they can’t get anything done. On the other hand, we know people who are so efficient that they get it all done.

The difference between these two types of people lies in how they utilize or waste their time.

The next time you find yourself wondering why you are so busy, but have nothing to show for it, ask yourself these three questions:

Are you doing things for those who are capable themselves?

For example, if you are doing laundry, making lunch, and serving as an alarm clock for your teenage children, this is a waste of time. Your children need to learn to be more independent. They should also know how to manage their tasks and homework. Almost every parent I know wastes approximately 20 hours each week on these items.

Do you waste too much time on social media?

Social media is a black hole for time and rarely is there anything worthwhile that deserves the time you put into it. Consider minimizing the social media you subscribe to and/or reducing the people you “friend” or follow.

How much television do you watch a week?

The average American watches five hours of television daily including football games, weekly shows, and movies. Pretend your television is broken and see how much you can accomplish.

Not sure where you’re losing time every day? Try keeping a log for the next week. Record how much time it takes you to get ready, how much time you spend on Facebook or watching television, how long you spend doing things for others in your house who can do things themselves, how long it takes to prepare meals, etc. You’ll start to see where your biggest pockets of time are lost. Knowing where the problem lies is the first step to solving it.

What’s your biggest time drain? 

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