Top 5 Tips for More Enjoyable Travel

Top 5 Tips for More Enjoyable Travel

Travel much?  I do, but with new TSA regulations, grumpy staff, delays and crappy snacks, travel has become less and less enjoyable. With each trip, I have accumulated tips to make travel less and less of a struggle. I do this by controlling all that I possibly can.

Here are my top five tips:

Do not check a bag if at all possible.  A few years ago, my husband challenged me to travel to Europe with only a carry on. Remembering my last experience to Europe when the airline lost my luggage and I froze in France while trying to find clothing, I accepted the challenge. Not worrying about baggage claim and lost luggage made international travel easier and more enjoyable.  It is easier than you would think – just pack color-coordinating separates that you can mix and match and bring two pairs of shoes.

Have your toiletries ready to go. I have a toiletry bag packed with my essentials so I can be ready on a moment’s notice.  I even have a quart sized Ziplock bag with all my liquids since I don’t check my bags.

Hydrate. I never rely on the in-flight service to provide me with the adequate hydration for a flight.  I used to buy water but now I bring a filtration bottle.  I can use it while I travel and it is much better for the environment.  I fill the bottle with tap water and drink through a filter which provides me with clean fresh water no matter where I am. The filter is so effective, it can even remove the bacteria from toilet water!  I don’t recommend that but it is certainly good to know, just in case…

Pack snacks. I make sure to pack plenty of healthy snacks so I am not stuck eating terrible airplane food that leaves me feeling bloated and heavy.

Get ready to run!  I always travel in an outfit that is comfortable yet stylish and shoes I can run in if necessary. I have had many occasions in which a short connection to get to my next flight made it necessary for me to sprint.  One time, I even broke my foot on the way to a connecting flight.  I made it to my destination, but unfortunately my first stop was the Emergency Room.  


With these travel tips, you are sure to arrive at your destination as unscathed as possible- unless they cancel your flight.

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