Why You Need a Magnifying Mirror

Why You Need a Magnifying Mirror

In my practice, clients often inform me that wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin have magically appeared on their face, neck, décolleté and hands during the past six months.  I am continually shocked by this statement, since these issues take years to develop in order to get to the magnitude where people become alarmed by their appearance.

Aging begins in the mid 30’s and these changes can gradually develop over decades of neglect.  Subtle, yet ongoing changes are difficult for most people to recognize, and therefore they only notice the changes once they have become obvious.

In our 40s, our eyesight starts to decline and it continues as we get older.  In the blurred reflection, we tend not to see the negative changes that have occurred with age.  This is how most people fool themselves into believing they look great for their age.  Poor eyesight and poor makeup application can make you look like a caricature of yourself.  That’s where magnification becomes a handy tool!

I purchased my first magnifying mirror at the age of 35, so that I could examine my eyebrows more closely.  Not only was I able to see my eyebrows better, I quickly started to notice texture irregularities in my skin and large pores and even some dark spots.  I was able to spot signs of aging immediately as they appeared and I was able to correct these issues quickly.

I started to improve my appearance early on and I never had the opportunity to fool myself.  After all, the mirror may lie but the magnifying mirror always states the harsh truth.

Do you own a magnifying mirror? Grab one and leave us a comment about what you see. We’ll check back frequently and leave you advice for improving those areas and guarding against other problems in the future.

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